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Reversa™ Bar Technology
Modular Vertical Uprights w/ 4 Attachment Options
Modular Lawnmower Handle w/ 2 Attachment Options
Optional Protective Skid Plate

The Sorinex Original Root Hog Sled is the most versatile strength training sled on the market. The sled base is 1/4″ thick steel plate that is durable enough to be used on anything from asphalt to turf. The Root Hog’s Reversa™ Bar Technology allows for quick and easy change of direction for sled pulls. Includes two removable 26″ push uprights to make changing directions effortless. Also comes with a 41″ long Lawnmower handle, making it great for football pushes. Includes 10′ Cordura Strap with a Carabiner to give you numerous options for sled training with one product.


   Length                                             39″

   Width                                               22″

   Sled Height                                     3"

   Push Upright Height                       26"

   Lawnmower Handle Length          41"

Sorinex Root Hog Sled

$626.00 Regular Price
$375.00Sale Price
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