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The H-4400 from Hoist is a 4-Stack gym that takes up only 68 square foot of space.  This helps when a person is limited on space but want to ensure they can target all body parts with their gym.  This multi-stack gym is an excellent choice for hotels, or housing development fitness facilities.  

Hoist H-4400



    • 4 Stations in only 68 square feet—Leg Press, Adjustable Cable Column, Rigid Arm Pull-Down and Chest Press/Mid Row/Leg Extension/Standing Leg Curl
    • Minimum amount of adjustments required between users
    • Patented range-of-motion feature allows quick adjustments for body size and stretch preference
    • Radial Loc® Weight System provides a tighter fit between plates
    • Easy-Glide™ inserts for quick, smooth & secure adjustments to eliminate metal friction and seat post wobble
    • H-2244-PA-1: Fixed Pressing Arm
    • H-2244-PA-2: Articulating Arm



    • Product Width: 95.00” (241 cm)
    • Product Height: 83.50" (212 cm)
    • Product Length: 103.00” (262 cm)
    • Machine Weight: 1,700 lbs. (771 kg)




    • BODY/FRAME: Lifetime - warranty for the lifetime of the product and applies to defects from manufacturer only.
    • STRUCTURAL MOVING PARTS: 10 Years - Applies to defects from manufacturer only.
    • FINISH/PAINT, CABLES, UPHOLSTERY AND ACCESSORIES: 10 Years - Applies to defects from manufacturer only.
  • 30 day money back guarantee minus any return shipping and handling costs!  Nobody else does this if you are not satisfied with the feel, or whatever the case maybe we will refund your card after the product is returned and inspected by our staff.  Please ensure to return the product in its original container or a restocking fee of 15% will be deducted as well. 

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