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Core Strength 1 Vertical, is a one of a kind plyometric and functional training tool.  Whether you are a police officer, firefighter, mma athlete, looking for general overall fitness, or weekend warrior!  The Vertical System allows for a person to do box jumps, repetitive step ups (firefighters/police offiers) with or without resistance in a smaller footprint from the Full System.  Excellent apparatus for physical therapy without taking up a ton of room in a facility!  

Core Strength 1 Vertical System

  • Specs - 

    • Accessory Availability - Over 14 Connection Points For All Accessory Options (Bands, Battle Ropes, etc.)
    • Pads - Marine Vinyl Covered Padding
    • Transport Wheels - N/A
    • User Capacity - 182 kg / 400 lbs. 
    • Assembled Weight / Dimensions - 120lbs - 52" x 32" x 35"
    • Shipping Info - 200lbs 


    • Home/Commercial
      • Parts - 2 Years (Of All Defects)
      • Labor - 1 year
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